Gold Glamour's Ghost

A legendary gunslinger returns, bringing his mythic revolvers and a host of eldritch magic back to the Wild West

Carter Quinn might be Tarnation’s premiere scoundrel, charlatan, and snake oil salesman, but at least each of his overpriced promises of false hope comes with a good story pegged to it. All the man claiming to be Lucas Linden offers with his lies is a brief dance at the end of a short rope.

After studying the art of the scam for decades, Quinn knows a fraud when he sees one. Sure, the legendary gunslinger’s revolvers weigh down the stranger’s belt and he’s got the folk hero’s signature smile stretched across his face, but the real Lucas Linden disappeared thirty years ago. For him to come back after so long without a single wrinkle or gray hair, he’d need a hell of a lot more than a healthy diet—he’d need the kind of magic that only exists in stories more outlandish than those of Lucas Linden himself.

The fake Lucas Linden seems harmless at first, but when he appoints himself sheriff and claims to have discovered enough gold to reanimate the dried-up mining town, the simple townsfolk fall for the con hook, line, and sinker. They feed off the fervor of the lawless, godless hangings, growing more manic by the day, and it falls on Quinn and his soft-headed sidekick, Ron Chesterfield, to stop the grinning ghost before his festering evil consumes Tarnation and spreads its black tendrils to the rest of the world.

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A Storm of Shattered Silver

The lich Lucas Linden came and went like lightning, but he was only the first strike of a storm brewing over Tarnation. Dark magic isn’t done with the Wild West quite yet.

There’s nothing like the sudden appearance of an eviscerated corpse to make a sheriff’s job hard.

It was bad enough when the only things Carter Quinn had to worry about were the town’s dire financial situation and the mass exodus caused when Lucas Linden’s miraculous gold crumbled like sun-baked dog shit. Now the bodies showing up all over town have got people talking about vampires and werewolves. At least the fantasy keeps them distracted from the real host of partially trained but fully armed thugs banging at the gate, demanding someone pay for Lucas’s lies.

When Quinn pinned the sheriff’s badge to his shirt, he had intended to put his feet up, tip his bowler down over his eyes, and take a well-earned rest. With Lucas defeated, keeping order in Tarnation should have been easy. Quinn thought he was doing the right thing by leaving his swindling days behind, but the numinous forces controlling the world apparently didn’t agree he deserved a break for it. He’s the one with the star on his chest when things start to heat up, and it falls to him and his deputy to fix everything before tensions boil over and all hell breaks loose.

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The Ever Emerald Edge

No matter how pure the intentions, if dark magic is involved, there will always be consequences.

Tarnation was in danger, and Carter Quinn saved it. He should have let the old mining town burn. In defeating their mortal enemy, he and his posse unleashed something far worse.

Now, the legendary gunslinger, Black Heart Ben, is tearing across the country. Every shot he fires—every skull he crushes—is like coal in his firebox, keeping the steam engine of his undead heart pumping. His strength grows by the day as he finds new graves filled with bony soldiers to add to his horde. In the untamed plains of the West, his sources are few and far between, but if he starts harvesting cities instead of towns, no one will be able to stop him.

Rumors spread, truths bend, and enlightenment remains just out of reach, but one thing is certain: whether through ancient magic, natural mysticism, or a good old-fashioned six-shooter, someone needs to take Ben down.

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Worlds and classes collide in a cyberpunk novel exploring addiction, identity, the illusion of choice, and the dark side of utopia.

Every waking moment of Noah’s life is consumed with thoughts of Aimless, each cartridge a neon-blue storm of distilled ecstasy that lifts him out of the filth and squalor of the Crep.

In fleeing Elysium, humanity’s temple to onanism, for its dismal crepidoma, Noah escaped the social hierarchy orchestrated by the megacity’s inscrutable AI overseer, but he cannot escape Key-Reigh Industries. On the surface, KRI is known for providing the modern conveniences that make life easy—bionic augmentations, designer drugs, robotic servants—but the denizens of the Crep know better.

Whenever Noah runs out of Aimless and the funds to buy more, he is forced to aid them in their ceaseless quest to pillage the far horizons of scientific knowledge by offering himself as a lab rat to them. Each visit to the research center brings him one step closer to Drowning, but he can't quit.

He is teetering on the edge when a brush with KRI’s lone scion, Laura Key, gives him a way to break the cycle of mind shattering Hard Kicks. She can provide him with an endless supply of Aimless, but to stop his death spiral, he needs to return to Elysium, find Laura, and turn her against her father before his stash runs out, and he succumbs to the fatal effects of Aimless withdrawal.

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Five years ago, the whole country knew Howl as the face of a national public safety initiative that encouraged kids to say no to drugs, keep away from firearms, and not talk to strangers. He had just made a dramatic exit from the corrupt pit of the Hot Type City Police Department and kicked off his own private investigative agency. He was geared up to start helping people for real.

Then some punk put Howl’s nephew in the dirt, and everything came to a screeching halt.

Now, after a long downward spiral, Howl is one half-empty bottle of scotch away from complete destitution. His shot at redemption comes just in time when a former model struts off the page of a golden-age girlie mag and into his office. Her missing son’s disappearance knocks Howl back into a world full of the drugs, guns, and predators he wasted his youth fighting.

This time it will be different. He’s got nothing to lose but something to prove. This time, he will win.

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